The death of my grandmother Ophelia Tabit Rucker, yes itís a memory one I didnít want to think of for a long time. We all have our season and as I get older and closer to God I know my grandmother had a good season. There are still some sad days; Motherís Day, Birthday, Christmas which she loved, graduation, the birth of Tabitha and Ziona, my first fashion show, and even writing this cookbook. Itís okay to have those days because they motivate and encourage me to keep pushing. I pray that this book touches every soul who reads it and perhaps, bring back memories of the love shared from your grandmother and/or great-grandmothers and their favorite dishes.

Sophia Ellis has added to her many wonderful talents the creation of a cookbook. Like everything she does it reflects her respect and honoring of our wonderful women of color and legacy. It is in the same spirit as†the hats she designs and makes. An accomplished cook in her own right this is a perfect tribute from Sophia to†the grandmother†she loves.

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Humbled and Blessed

A family reunion is a celebration when members of an extended family get together from near and far. A family reunion is as celebration of lineage, legacies and building new traditions to be passed down from one generation to the next. A family reunion is to reiterate how important the blood that flows in our veins really is. A family reunion is about showing the characteristics of love. The first family was established when God created Adam and Eve. We as human creatures are social beings. Man was not created to be alone. We need interaction, the feeling of being needed, we want and need the ability to love and be loved. Itís not just a coincidence that God tells us to love our fellowman because in doing so we have the feeling of self-worth. Today, the important of family seems to be a thing of the past. Every time you turn on the T.V, radio or computer you see the headlines glaring out at you of some heinous act committed by a family member to the loved ones. Has times really changed that much that we canít even tell our loved ones from our enemies. Our enemies we, may not like them, but we are to love them. The Bible states in Matthew 5:44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. If love is in any equation how can such heinous acts be committed? We need to realize the importance of Godís church Matthew 5: 13-19 God is putting in place the family in the New Testament.

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Sophia to Ophelia Meals in Flight but Keeping it Lite

Sophia Lynn Rucker writes books that share her African American culture.† She proudly learned how to cook great food from her mother and grandmother.† A firm believer in the power of prayer and stepping out in faith do whatever she sets her mind to do.† Now she is teaching us wonderful recipes that we can cook within thirty minutes that are delicious and healthy.† She inspires me to do better!†
Thank you Sophia Lynn Rucker for writing another great book!

The price is $15.00, plus $3.21 S&H for a total price of $18.21 ORDER NOW:
Receive your copy Hot Off the press in 3-5 days.


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